Eyebrow design

Mara Amandi has an exclusive and unique technique through an architectural sketch where she takes into account the size, length and shape of the eyebrows giving strength to the expression of the face, sculpting and designing the area with the most exclusive products on the market.  The results are stunning from the first visit, lifting the eyelid, intensifying the look and creating a lifting effect that betters instantly the image.

She personally analyses the facial features of each client, through a study of the shape of the face, factions, the eye and hair color highlighting one´s best featurers.  Once the assessment is completed, the most appropriate treatment is used to achieve  a complete harmonization and emphasize the whole beauty through the look.

Eyebrow design for men

el ojos


Eyebrow epilation is recommended both for men and women. They seek the maximum naturalness. To do so, Mara Amandi uses a completely different technique for men, than the one she uses with women. For men, it consists in removing volume and thickness, but also unruly and long hairs. The result are natural eyebrows and manly because it is done from the inside, without having to redefine them. In addition, as with female eyebrows it also gets a raised lid and intensifies the look.